One Noise I'd Like to Never Hear Again

The sleep sheep!

There are a few things that are pretty much foolproof for calming my five-week-old when he is crying.  One is the swaddle blanket — wrapping him up in that little straightjacket almost always instantly calms him down for bedtime.

Another is a baby carrier — as soon as I plop him into my wrap or Ergo, he flops his head onto my chest within minutes and typically sleeps much longer than he would anywhere else.

And the third thing that always turns his screams into smiles?  The noise that rings in my ears all day long …

White noise.  The whirring, shushing, static sound that is meant to lull us peacefully to sleep – and it does!  It works so well that we use it all the time.  We have a white noise feature on his swing, apps on our phones, and a sleep sheep hanging next to our bed.  When the going gets tough, we have all three going at once.

For a sound that is meant to be calming and peaceful, I swear I’ll be hearing it in my nightmares.  One thing is for sure — it absolutely IS calming.  I often find myself drifting off to sleep once the white noise has been running for long enough.  I can see why he loves it!  It drowns out all background noise to the point that sometimes I feel like I’m living at the bottom of the ocean.  I’ll see my husband’s mouth moving across the room, and realize that in my white noise fog I didn’t even know he was talking!

But as a mom, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help my little guy stay happy and well rested.  If that means living in a world of static and whale songs for a few months, so be it.  The only thing worse than the sounds of white noise is the sound of my baby crying.

Did your newborn love anything that drove you crazy?

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