One Small Step for Peony, One Giant Leap into Toddlerdom (VIDEO)

Baby girl
She's so big and she knows it

Baby Peony turns 1 next week and it seems as if she’s trying to cram in an awful lot before her birthday.

She started crawling last month, and since then she’s pretty much gone pro. She cruising around like someone’s paying her to do it. She sticks her hands up in the air all day long to let you know just how big she is (either that or there’s an awful lot of touchdowns happening in her imagination).

But when she took her first steps this morning — it was just a few — it really hit me hard that her first year is quickly coming to a close. She’s so proud of all the big-girl things she’s been doing lately, and none seems bigger than walking. I look forward to continuing to watch her grow, but it’s hard to wrap my heart around the fact that my very last baby almost isn’t a baby anymore.

Take a look at this quick video of her taking some steps earlier this afternoon (you’ll notice at the end she required a little enticement to walk on cue):

Photo & video credit: Meredith Carroll

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