Onward and Upward

Where will this new path take us next?

Hello friends. I’ve been rather quiet on Baby’s First Year this week. I’ve had a hard time finding the motivation to write about the little things that normally fill my mind when I think of my son…Is all this drool because he teething? has he already grown out of the onesies that I just put in his dresser? When are we going to start solids? Instead my mind has been filled with one question. How best can I help my son?

This week I’ve spent every spare second after my children go to bed on the internet trying to make sense of Arlo’s Ocular Albinism diagnosis. I’ve been trying to navigate the process of finding local support services for visually impaired children. I’ve been reading blogs and watching videos of people with this condition trying to learn more about their general experience with low vision and trying to wrap my head around the genetic side of this because frankly… it kind of freaks me out that I could have given him this wonky gene.

When I accepted the offer to write for Baby’s First Year, I never could have imagined that my account of my child’s development and milestones would include vision therapy, multiple visits to genetists and opthamologists, and trying to find my way as I learn to parent a child with a special need. But here we are. I am so hopeful for my son’s future and see this as an opportunity to share this experience with a broad range of people.

So thank you, Babble readers, for being here to share the sweet moments and the scary unknowns and for coming along on this wild ride of my beautiful boy’s first year of life.


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