Oprah is Godmother to Beyonce and Jay Z's Baby - My Baby is Jealous

Oprah godmother to beyonce jayz blue ivy
Could Oprah be Blue Ivy's godmother?

According to, Oprah is godmother to Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby, Blue Ivy.

Can you imagine? I mean, if it wasn’t enough that baby Blue has a 2,200 square foot nursery and 2 of the most famous musically talented parents. Now we find out her godmother might be none other than the most powerful woman in the world.

I would say that Blue Ivy’s future is looking mighty fine. 

According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, Jigga and Bey have chosen OPRAH WINFREY to be the godmother, and Jay’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, the godfather. So why Oprah … Well word is that Oprah has become a CLOSE PERSONAL friend to both Jay and Bey. And the pair wanted to give the “godparents” role to people NOT ALREADY related to them by family (i.e. Solange, or Bey’s BF – her cousin Angie). –

I am not 100% sure how reliable the source of this late-breaking, must-read celebrity gossip is, but hell, if anyone could wish for a godmother for their kids, why not wish for Oprah?

Sorry Zeke, your godparents … well, uhm, we haven’t given given you godparents.

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Oprah, can you be my baby’s godmother?