Our Baby, The Mess Maker


baby makes messesSo our house is on the market, and in a state of constant sparkle. It’s really disturbing, as this place that we live is no longer our home – it’s just a VERY clean house that we are occupying.

In my normal world, a clean house is the last of my priorities. Not these days. Each day I mop and vacuum to ensure we are “show ready”. It sucks people, it seriously sucks.

The bigger kids have had to learn how to organize and maintain playing in a fashion that is easy to pick up. As many large and costly messes that our toddler makes – he actually picks up after him self after playing. Unfortunately, the biggest mess maker has become our baby Zeke.

While only 10 months old, he is pulling out baskets, throwing toys everywhere and his newest trick – he plays in the toilet.  There is nothing better than cleaning up toilet water – even if it is clean, the thought makes me want to shower.

What Age Did Your Baby Become a Mess Maker?

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