Our Overnight Diaper Solution

These little miracles are making our night so much more peaceful!

We’ve been cloth diapering for about five months now.  It took me a while to get started, but once I did there has been no looking back.  At first it seemed easy – just a bit of extra laundry here and there.  No big deal!  Then the leaks started.

We’ve had a relatively tough time getting Cullen to sleep (almost) through the night.  As it is now, he’s still getting up once to eat, but it used to be more like three to four times.  Nothing is more frustrating than realizing your baby is waking up at night – not because he’s hungry – but because his diaper has leaked and the poor guy is sleeping in a pool of pee.

We have tried a number of different overnight solutions, none of which really worked…until now!

For a while we were actually trying disposables for overnights, in hopes that perhaps that would do the trick (as many of you suggested!).  I don’t know if I just have a very well hydrated baby or what, but even the disposables were leaking every single night.  Cullen was consistently waking up at 4:30 or 5am each morning soaking wet.  As much as I desperately wanted more sleep, I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to lay there in his cold wet pj’s any longer.

Enter the hemp diaper inserts.  They are a gift from heaven above!  I have three of the Babykicks Joeybunz hemp inserts, which cost me about $15 for the set.  I have tried them in all of our different cloth diaper brands, and so far I’ve found that they seem to be most effective int he BumGenius.

Now that we have Cullen in his ridiculously padded overnight diaper, he is sleeping later in the morning and getting up less through the middle of the night.  I also love that the hemp wicks the moisture away from his skin, so we’ve also had less diaper rash and irritation.  Who could have guessed that finding an overnight diaper solution would become such a process, but I’m glad we finally have what seems to be a reliable solution!

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