Our Swing Croaked

Man Repairing a Baby Swing
My Husband in the Gizzard of the Swing

The Mercedes of Swings- The Fisher Price Papasan Swing; The forward-and-back-plus-side-to-side-motion-swing. You know, the thing Fuzzball can sleep in for two to three hours at a time? It’s broken. Like unfixable broken. Well, so far, my engineer husband and his physicist friend are unable to fix it.

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. This swing is actually a loaner and has now been through at least four babies, including the Shnook, who slept in it every night for almost five months. At least we are using rechargable batteries, so we don’t feel so guilty. But now, the motor seems completely kaput. We are going to purchase a replacement, not only because we have to, since it’s not ours, but for our own sanity. This swing buys us time. It’s worth every overpriced penny. Without it, I’m stuck swinging him in my arms constantly, while singing The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me, Baby?” I’m not saying I can’t use the exercise, I’d just like to have the option of putting him in there, as I tend to run out of places and need to do some stuff baby-free. For example: loading/unloading the dishwasher, washer or dryer, or taking a shower, or writing this post. I’m currently typing with one hand, holding Fuzz in the other, and bouncing on the physio-ball. Although this is some mighty fine multi-tasking, I’m not really getting anything done with breakneck speed. It’s amazing how handicapped we can feel when we had a tool like this at our disposal, and suddenly it might as well be IN the disposal. What is your must-have baby-soothing tool?