Our Troubles with the A Words: Asthma, Allergies and Acid Reflux

To be honest as I typed the title of this post, I kinda want to call out all of the A words including the true A word. If you get my drift.

It’s been somewhat quiet around here with updates on Grayson because well, we’ve been to doctor after doctor and I wanted to update everyone all at once. Instead of boring you day after day. BUT. After visiting his pediatrician, pulmonologist, gastro, and then back to the pediatrician, I still have the same update.

Let me catch you up to speed with the things we know:

  • Grayson does in fact has acid reflux. It never went away and it’s back in full-swing again. He is back on his prevacid.
  • Grayson has asthma. It’s not fun. It’s pretty severe at times, but he is a trooper. Side note: I hate asthma.
  • We are pretty sure Grayson is allergic to milk and soy products.  <– no fun!
  • Grayson continues to do hour after hour nebulizer treatments (breathing treatments) as you previously read about here.
  • Grayson is currently kept under close watch by his 2 specialists and his pediatrician on a weekly basis and sometimes even on a daily basis.
  • Grayson is such a happy baby. No matter how bad he is coughing or struggling—he somehow manages to smile.

And that sums it up in a nutshell. Since the get-go when I had to stop breastfeeding, we knew Grayson was very sensitive to food allergies so we had to keep a close eye on him as he started solid foods. He loves them so much, however his body doesn’t agree. Grayson is dealing with chronic congestion, which is mostly asthma in addition to a side of allergies and reflux. He is now taking Zyrtec (for allergies) every night to help with the cough however, his chest hasn’t been since his surgery.

g asthma
Grayson always does such a great job with his treatments.

It’s hard. I feel really bad for him at times. He coughs and coughs and coughs. He sounds like an 90-year-old who has coughed all his life. It’s constant. Sometimes I can’t get him to stop. Sometimes the treatments help and sometimes they don’t. He is eight-months-old and he’s been on 10 different medications since birth. Yes, he was 4 weeks, on the cusp of 5 weeks early, but we never had any severe complications. But now he has been given a portable nebulizer because they feel we may need to treat an asthma attack in an emergency. And well, because he is also getting around the clock breathing treatments so now we can do them on-the-go.

As for solid foods, this Momma now has to make them. Which is fine, because I’ve wanted to from the start, but time isn’t always on my side. Now I have no choice and I will be making all of his meals to make sure he gets no milk products at all. I am hoping this helps. I am hoping it’s something simple that I can do in order to help get rid of the awful congestion that is making his asthma worst. Grayson constantly has an upper respiratory infection.

photo (6) g
such a trooper waiting at the doctors

Of course they want to rule out anything serious so we will head to Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC for a sweat test next week to make sure it’s not Cystic Fibrosis or something of that nature. Say your prayers for us! His pulmonologist requested additional blood work as well to check on his immune system. He is concerned as to why he has been sick so much, even with the asthma, and why he needed tubes so early. He is worried it may be something with his immune system but again, we just need to go down the list to rule it all out.

I am hoping the next time I update you, changes have been made for the better. I hope that as we head into the summer months with the humidity that his asthma doesn’t get worse. My biggest fear is he just won’t catch his breath in between coughs. I wish he could tell me what hurts, what’s bothering him and how I can help. But he can’t, so until he can, I will just help him anyway I can. If that means spending 3 out of the 5 days at the doctor’s office then that’s what it takes.

Did you have a baby who struggled with asthma? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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