Pacifier Clip: The Change of Heart

Yes... That pacifier clip I called useless!

Remember last month when I wrote up my top 10 useless baby products?  Well in a review for a side-project I work on, I was asked to review the BooginHead Pacigrip which is a pacifier clip.

Originally I wasn’t going to give it a fair chance, I mean I already made such a bold statement about it when I said it was downright useless. But then my friend Courtney convinced me they are a huge lifesaver.

I put it on Addie, and let her wear it for the entire day clipping it to anything she wore, bibs, outfits… or a onsie, and I gave it a real good college try.

By the end of the day I thought to myself… how have I made it through two other kids without using this thing?

While I may not be impressed with the look of it, even with the super cute chocolate brown and pink polka dot design, a personal favorite of mine… I found it amazingly helpful in not losing the BornFree pacifier my daughter thinks is something she can’t live without.

Yes, the baby I couldn’t even get to take a pacifier three months ago.   Now if the one pacifier that is popular in our house goes missing… I literally cry because I know she will not only be upset when it comes time to take a nap, but it is the only kind she will take. All the other pacifiers we have laying around the house can’t hold a candle to her favorite purple paci.

Which is why I find the pacigrip to be such a lifesaver. No more panic when Addie is laying on the pacifier in the swing or one of her brothers hid it under the couch or in their toy box.  Seriously!

I have to say thank you to all the readers who commented on my useless baby products post and told me how helpful the pacifier clip was!  I am right there on team pacifier clip with you now!