Pacifier Help

Evie, Paca and Blankie

Yup. I give Evie a pacifier. I have to say, it’s been amazingly helpful in putting her to sleep. She only gets it in the car seat, and before bed– it’s the “signal” that it’s time for bed.

For 5 months, I’ve been enjoying how relatively simple it’s been to put her to sleep, but now I’m stuck. Lately, she’s been taking much longer to fall asleep because her grabby little fingers keep wanting to pull the pacifier out… which means I go in and out of the nursery to put it back in. If she can fall into deep sleep, she’ll pull it out on her own (or drop it) and stay asleep. But, if her sleep is light, she wakes up and cries out to have it put back in.

I know this isn’t good for her sleeping now, but HOW do I wean her of it now that it’s her sleep signal? And now, I -the panicked working mom- am worried I won’t be able to soothe her or put her to sleep on a plane. (Ps… I’ve tried going cold turkey, but she just cries and cries and won’t cry herself to sleep. Yeah.. I know I’m in trouble.)

What do you suggest?

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