Pacifier Or No Pacifier?


When my first daughter was born, we did not give her a pacifier. My husband and I discussed beforehand that we would try to go as long as we could without one because we had a fear of trying to wean her off of it as she got older. Our plan only lasted a couple of days and we gave into the pacifier on a rough night when nothing would soothe her. Much to our surprise, she wouldn’t take it, which led to lots of crying (both myself and my daughter) and many more sleepless nights.

Because we made it without a pacifier with Harlan, we went in with the mindset that we wouldn’t need one for Avery. If we could deal with a crying, colicky baby the first time around, we could deal with anything, right? That was until we realized we had a baby with an incredible need to suck on something.

I know all babies have a need to suck on something, but my daughter is looking for something all the time.  We haven’t introduced a pacifier yet, because even though she wants to suck on something, she isn’t fussy when she is doing it, so we haven’t seen the need. For right now, she uses me as a pacifier, which I am desperately trying to break her from.

Recently, we’ve had some long nights when nothing seems to work to get her to sleep and she just cries. I’ve tried to let her use me as a pacifier all she wants, but that didn’t work. We’ve tried the swing, holding her, walking her up and down the hallway, the bouncer, and we’ve even gone as far as trying to take her for a walk in the stroller at night, but none of it works. Those are the nights that I really want to give her a pacifier to see if it will help.

I have nothing against pacifiers, I just have a fear that if I give her one, she will love it and I will never be able to wean her off of it. Yes, it’s my weakness and fear of giving in that scares me. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my friends who have tried to wean their child off of a pacifier when they are a toddler and have either given up in the middle of it because they didn’t want to deal with the fight, or they stuck to it and endured many sleepless nights.

So my question to you is, I’ve gone five weeks without it, do I stick it out and go without giving her one or do I give in and let her have it?

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