Packing for Three

Laundry on couch
I'm totally ready to go, see?

Holy Moly! We’re going on a cross-country trip tomorrow! This will be Fuzz’s first plane ride, although Shnook has been umpteen times in the first two years of his life. Read any of my blog posts from early 2010 and you’ll know why. I know what to do with an infant on a plane ride. I know what to do with a toddler (although Shnook hasn’t been in almost six months) but I don’t know what to do with both. Also there’s a potty training component that is now in play.

Today I have to pack for three people. I’ve never been good at packing. I used to pack for myself. Then I packed for Shnook and myself. Now I have to pack for an infant, a toddler and myself for two different climates. We’re going to New York City for a week and then Central Florida for a few days. We’re ususally pretty efficient travelers. We don’t overpack and only rarely do we need to check anything, other than the stroller/carseat, which we gate check anyway, so that’s pretty easy. I’m just not sure we can pack for three people for 10 days and two climates in a carry-on. Not to mention the bunting I have for Fuzz takes up a third of my suitcase. Don’t get me started on the ‘activity and snack’ bag, or the two different diaper bags–errrm one has pull-ups and undies–“NO DIAPERS, MOMMY!”

Now that there are four of us, we can bring tons of crap on the plane. It’s ridiculous. We have two strollers, since we never got a double. T argued that we can use Shnook’s stroller to load all the crap onto and then carry the Shnook if need be. Fuzz’s stroller is just a carseat and a base with a big storage area, which I’m sure we’ll load up as well.

Stay tuned for the results of Fuzz’s first transcontinental voyage!