Pass The Tissues, This Baby is Making Me Emotional


This baby has made me an emotional wreck. I find myself crying at the drop of a hat lately. It’s not really sad things that are making me cry, but happy things.

The other night I was rocking my oldest to sleep and was crying my eyes out as I rocked her because it was the first time she has let me to that in a while. Avery hits a milestone and I am so overcome with joy that I am sobbing.  The Live Lip-Dub Proposal that is taking the internet by storm had me crying the entire time.

I expected to be emotional after Avery was born, I just didn’t expect it to hit me three months later.

With my first, I was emotional from the very beginning. Looking back, I think it was a bit of postpartum depression. I was so overwhelmed with the major change going on in my life that I was crying all the time. I would call my husband numerous times during the day telling him that I couldn’t handle it.

This time around is different. It just feels different. I don’t feel as crazed (yep, I thought I was crazy and the only mom that had the emotions I did)  as I was with the first. I feel a little bit more in control than I was last time.

With Avery, I was a little bit more prepared about what to expect. I knew there would be sleepless nights and that it wasn’t going to be easy. My husband is also around this time, which is making things a lot easier.

Even with me feeling much better this time, I am still emotional. Just emotional in a different way. I know my hormones are still out of whack from having Avery, I just didn’t know there would be a delayed reaction to this roller coaster of emotions.

Did you have postpartum hormones that hit you later on?

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