Paul's 3rd Month in Snapshots


April was a good month for baby Paul. So much is happening in his life, it feels like we’re hitting milestones left and right! Paul starting teething already. Which I think it totally bananas for a 3 month old. And he also realized he has tasty fingers and really loud voice.

And not to be outdone by my baby, I too had a few postpartum milestones of my own. Not that I’m bragging or anything, but I got Mastitis for the first time ever.  And also ventured out on my own and took the kids on a solo road trip without the help of my husband.

And of course, I tried my best to  documented all the cool happenings with Paul with my handy dandy camera phone. Yes I wish I got out my nice camera more often, but I figure snapshots are better than no photos at all. Don’t you think?

Paul’s 3rd month in snapshots:

  • Covered up at the park. 1 of 13
    Covered up at the park.
    It was a great but brisk day at the park. Paul loved being carried around in the wrap!
  • Wait, that’s not Paul! 2 of 13
    Wait, that's not Paul!
    Our family dog has a new favorite place to lay. Hey Miles, that activity mat is for baby Paul!
  • A walk in the woods. 3 of 13
    A walk in the woods.
    Hunting for the elusive morel mushroom. Paul is a great companion tucked away in the Moby Wrap.
  • Where’s my hands? 4 of 13
    Where's my hands?
    Still a lover of the swaddle. He sleeps in a HALO sleep sack every night.
  • Little Dutch boy 5 of 13
    Little Dutch boy
    We're Dutch, and it's tradition in the spring to dress up in traditional Dutch costumes and take pictures in the tulips.
  • Early to bed, early to rise. 6 of 13
    Early to bed, early to rise.
    Some nights we find ourselves in bed by 8pm. I'm ok with this.
  • Almost summer! 7 of 13
    Almost summer!
    We're finally feeling warmer weather in Indiana, Paul loves hanging out in the hammock with me.
  • Getting my work done 8 of 13
    Getting my work done
    Oh, you know, just catching up on some emailing...
  • Cashed out. 9 of 13
    Cashed out.
    Naps. They are the best.
  • His new favorite position 10 of 13
    His new favorite position
    Paul definitely has a cranky hour of the day. His new favorite rocking position is face down.
  • Sisterly love 11 of 13
    Sisterly love
    Paul loves his oldest sister Piper, and is happy to have her hold him.
  • Happy breastfed face 12 of 13
    Happy breastfed face
    This is the face of one content little boy, belly full of milk.
  • Cows! 13 of 13
    We brought this city boy into the country for the weekend. Cows are his new favorite.

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