Perfect Outfits for the Back To Work Mama


wolf-meI’ll be heading back to my full time job in just two weeks.  While I’m super sad that I won’t be able to hang with Wolf 24/7, I’m also a little sad that a majority of my “work clothes” don’t fit me right now.  Oh postpartum belly… le sigh.

Anyhoo, while my budget doesn’t exactly warrant an entire new wardrobe, a few pieces are essential.  Besides, the ultimate goal is to fit back into those pre-pregnancy slim fitting dresses and skinny pants, right?  But in the mean time, here are three outfits with pieces I’m loving for a tummy-hiding, back to work mama.

mom outfits

1.  A high waisted skirt for defining your still trim waist line and hiding that post baby pooch.
2.  Blousy tops and skinny pants because let’s face it, while your tummy might need hiding, those legs are probably still looking glam!
3.  Simple tunics and leggings are the best tummy hiders ever.  Especially when you find a great fitting pair of leggings, they sort of work as tummy tighteners!

What are you “go-to” post pregnancy wardrobe items?

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