Perspective, Faith and Support


Through Facebook I have been able to keep up on a lot of people I wouldn’t otherwise come in contact with. I do better at keeping up with my neighbor three blocks down through Facebook than I do in real life. While that isn’t the case with all of my friends, life gets in the way sometimes and an electronic connection is better than none at all some days. I’ve watched some of my friends from Kindergarten go on to act on Broadway and star in an independent artsy film. I’ve watched others graduate with honors from prestigious schools all over the country and then move back home and marry the most annoying boy from second grade. We all have our Facebook stories of reuniting and ridiculousness, but tonight I have a story of perspective, hope and faith.

When I was still pregnant I learned that my high school best friend had just given birth to a baby with a very rare heart disorder. She and her baby were sent to a hospital three states away without her husband (he had to stay behind to work) where he underwent an exhaustive open heart surgery. I kept up with her through Facebook and asked my friends to pray for her and her little boy, and if they didn’t pray, to offer up any words of hope or encouragement for a mom going through the scariest thing I can imagine, a sick child.

When it was over and her little boy was back home and recovering she thanked me for supporting her in the little way that I could from the other side of the country.

Tomorrow morning, the daughter of another friend, one who survived law school with me, will have to wait in a hospital as her oldest, the same age as my oldest, goes into brain surgery to correct restricted arteries in her brain that are a side effect of Moyamoya disease, a disease that strikes one in a million. While she’s in the same state as me I’m still left helpless, aside from the prayers I can offer up and the meals I can offer to bring. All of this after watching her daughter suffer, recover and and recuperate from a stroke last year.

I’ve never met Melissa, yet when she wrote about her son Arlo needing heart surgery I dropped everything for a moment and said a prayer for them.

I realize not everyone prays, or supports intercessory prayer and I certainly don’t do it to offend anyone…it’s all I know how to do in the face of hardship (well, that and eat cookies.)

We may argue about a lot about differing views on things and get worked up over some silly stuff (lately it’s been bikinis for me) but we should all be able to come together for one moment to support a mom through words, thoughts or prayers even if we only know of her situation. Having been on the other side of such thoughts and prayers for myself and my own baby, I know they are felt and appreciated.


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