Phase 2 In Post Pregancy Hair Catastrophes: Hair Breakage

Oh, you rascally baby hairs!

4 Months ago, I lamented on the extreme amounts of hair that was falling out of my head as my body adjusted to my new post-baby hormones, but we’ve now reached a horrifying new stage – Baby Hair! Hair strands all along my hair line have now snapped in two to create this awful little “baby hair” line.

I didn’t get this after the birth of my first child, so I can only assume it’s due to the prolonged breastfeeding of my son, but my head is a serious mess! I was sad to see my pretty, shiny pregnancy locks go bye bye as it fell out in large handfuls, but this… this is worse… this is a crazy, in-between, constantly look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket look.

Did you experience this too? How did you deal? Any products you’d recommend to help you tame the crazy? I suppose nothing but a little time and patience is going to get me through!



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