Photographing Babies in Swings


Vivi has now officially been swinging three times. The first time she was lukewarm to the idea, the second time she was much more pleased with the concept and today she laughed so hard she sounded like a little old man who had inhaled helium. The joy on her face as she swings is ridiculous. I’ve tried to get video of her laughing but nothing does it justice the way being there in person does. It would seem logical that the best way to get the joy on her face would be with a photograph.

Hey, I can take a decent photo, surely taking a picture of a baby in a swing would be super easy AND super cute!


Well, nope to the super easy part, yes to the super cute part.

I’ve still never gotten the exact shot I have in my head of Vivi on a swing, given I’ve only attempted it twice, there’s so much going on with the movement and light and movement and focusing and the MOVING. I had my mom help me for a bit today and I need to work on the delicate balance of continuous shooting and AI SERVO.

For those of you who don’t speak camera, taking pictures of kids on swings is hard. Even for people who understand their cameras pretty well.

So there, do you feel better about your blurry swing images? If you have amazing ones you are either lucky, horribly talented or have practiced way more than I have.

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