Photography and Your Baby

digital photography guide
Learning digital photography to capture the best photo of your baby.

Photography isn’t like it was when you were a baby!

Gone (for the most part!) are the days of things like film or having to go to a store to process and print your photos. Monthly photos of you baby no longer require a trip to a professional photo studio.

Today we have the ability to do incredible things with photographs. Whether you are wanting to create a black and white image or remove baby spit-up from your shirt (thank you Photoshop!) – it can be done. And stor

Babble has put together a Digital Photography Guide to show you the in’s and out’s to this revolution. Learn what camera is best for you, to how to capture that perfect shot of your kid and more!

P.S. If your iPhone has become your main camera for shooting those baby photos, make sure to check out the Postal Pix app.