Please Don't Turn Into a Toddler

Baby please don't grow up to be a crazy toddler.
Baby please don't grow up to be a crazy toddler.

Right now I feel absolutely spoiled by our baby.  Zeke is an awesome sleeper. He has the best temperament and isn’t mobile so can’t get into anything.

Before you tell me to *SHUT UP* let me tell you that in addition to Zeke, I have a 21 month old who bounces off the walls.

The toddler is running me into the ground. He can destroy a house in minutes. He eats more than my other two grade school kids. He has the sweetest face that allows him to get away with anything (not by me!). I love him to death, but once he was just a sweet little 5-month-old baby, just like Zeke. 

16 months prior to today, Izaiah, my toddler, was Zeke’s age. I remember thinking how sweet calm and great he was. Then he grew up. Just like Zeke will.

Zeke. Please don’t turn into a toddler. I don’t know how I will deal with two of you! And you are soo sweet at this age!

I’ve done this toddler thing twice before, but this time I’m at a loss.

Any Words of Wisdom?

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