Poop Bandit and the Diaper Blow Out.


I wasn’t about to take a picture of the crime scene so instead you get this one of Little Bean looking all cute and innocent.

But don’t let him fool you.

Behind that unsuspecting face lies the making of a criminal poop mastermind.

He is the Poop Bandit.

Almost every day for the past week we’ve had at least one diaper bomb.

There’s been a definite shift in his potty habits and I don’t like it.

The first month he had the small, regular, almost–and I can’t believe I’m about to say this–cute breastfeeding baby poops. They were easily contained and a cinch to clean up.

Now, at almost 2 months, he’s starting to get crafty. Planning and plotting for just one to two large diaper bombs a day.

They come when you least expect them. A peaceful morning in the swing or while watching mom make dinner in the bouncer.

These bombs not only require your typical diaper reinstallation but a complete washing of clothes, environment and baby himself.

One day we’ll figure out how to capture this poop bandit. In the mean time we’re just braising for impact.

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