Postpartum Acne. Ack!


Ok, someone please remind me that this has probably happened with all my babies and it has happened to you too — postpartum breakouts???

I had the most lovely skin of my life during this latest pregnancy. A mere one day after baby was born the pimples started. And they haven’t stopped. Thankfully they seem to go away rather quickly, just a couple days, but they’re followed by new friends right behind them.

I’m doing the clean diet thing and the natural remedies thing and ALL of the things I know help clear up skin. Topically and internally.

If I have to be in public I need a makeup team to cover what is going on here because for real. Break. OUT.

I know it’s likely just hormones…but man! Why my face be actin’ so messed up? Any special secret tricks that you’re using to clear up your skin? Please share!

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