Postpartum Weight Loss Shouldn't Be Important

How important is it to you?

Postpartum weight loss is such a tender subject with women today. In our society we are under so much pressure to be perfect. The perfect mother… the perfect wife… have the perfect figure, perfect, perfect, perfect!

But is it really that important?

Should mothers be focusing on what other people think they should look like or weigh, or should they be taking care of their child and being happy with themselves as a whole?

I guess I am stuck right in the middle of both crowds. I think moms should not worry about sliming down as soon as they have their baby, but I also think that if the weight loss is healthy, and she finds it important she should go for it!  Right?

I mean since I had my daughter in April I have been working out, eating right and doing what I can to lose weight the right way and keep it off!

I think it really is easy to lose weight while chasing after three kids who are all young. I mean my oldest is only going to be four in December. Motherhood for me is a aerobics class… all day long.

But how do you feel about it?

Do you think mothers should really place as much focus and sometimes unhealthy obsession on weight loss in hopes they will look like they did before they had kids?
Do you think it is even possible for mothers to snap back into their pre-kid bodies… ever?