Pretty Pretty Princess

Dressesd Up as a Pretty Princess

While I was away, my mom and sister sent me pictures of a smiling Evie dressed up in mardi gras beads.

This baby is all girl. When I came home, we pulled out our old favorite board game, Pretty Pretty Princess. Did any of you play that? It’s such a girlie game where you play for pieces of jewelry and eventually, the crown.

I dressed her all up and showed her the mirror and she got the funniest look on her face. She raised her eyebrows and gave a fake laugh. I think she knew she looked silly and cute.

Even through all the plastic and silliness, I could see what little Evie-babe will look like as a little girl… and I can’t wait to play all my favorite board games with her like…

Mall Madness

Girl Talk Date Line

Sweet Valley High

What were your favorite girly games?