Procrastination and Denial - Zeke is ALMOST 1

zeke is turning 1
My baby is almost 1. #Boo

During these dog days of summer, I rarely look at the calendar. It’s one of my joys since leaving the corporate world. The corporate world had my life ran by a calendar, so now a days I avoid it at all cost. Apparently the other thing I avoid is the fact that my baby is turning 1 in just 2 weeks.

While I know most moms would be all busy planning for a first birthday party, uhm – I just looked at the calendar and I guess I have 2 weeks to throw something together. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend – while CRYING.

This is our last baby. He’s almost 1. If we don’t celebrate until say….. January, will that delay his growth? 

BOO. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

My heart hurts. I know I should be looking forward to this, but I’m not. He now wears 12 month clothes. His feet are getting bigger. He is now into everything. Zeke, you are growing up.

If You Could Freeze Time, What Age Would Your Baby Be?

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