Baby Stroller Recalls - Safety concerns with products recalled in 2010

  • Graco Strollers – January 20, 2010

    Graco recalled 1.5 million Graco Passage, Alano and Spree strollers following reports of the canopy amputating five children’s fingertips. Two other children suffered lacerations and bruises from the hinge.

  • LEN Enterprises Zooper Tango Double Stroller – August 19, 2010

    LEN Enterprises recalled 3,700 Zooper Tango Double Strollers after 185 reports of frame latch failures that caused the stroller to collapse, and two siblings, 13 months and 3 years old, received scrapes and bruises when they fell from the stroller.

  • Tike Tech Jogging Stroller – October 6, 2010

    Tike Tech recalled 800 Single City X3 and X3 Sport jogging strollers after determining that an un-harnessed baby could be trapped by the neck between the grab bar and the seat. No injuries were reported.

  • Valco Jogging Stroller – October 6, 2010

    Valco solidified October 6 as a bad day for jogging strollers when they recalled 12,000 Tri Mode Single and Twin Jogging Strollers. Like Tike Tech, Valco concluded that a baby’s neck could become trapped between the grab bar and the seat in the stroller. No injuries were reported.

  • Graco Strollers – October 20, 2010

    In response to reports of four infant strangulation deaths that occurred between 2003 and 2005, Graco recalled over 2 million Graco Quattro Tour and Metrolite strollers. The strollers were manufactured before industry standards required an expanded opening between a stroller’s tray and the seat bottom.

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