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Pull it Out, Already!

By emily |

Paul’s been working on cutting his two front teeth now for what feels like months (ok fine, more like weeks, but who’s counting).

Teething, teething, it’s never ending. But finally yesterday I saw a glimmer of what looks like the end of the tunnel, when I peeked into his mouth and saw just a dot of white enamel popping out of his top gum.

Hallelujah, the angels sing, the end is near! That is, until, the next tooth.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Paul’s oldest sister is refusing to pull out one of her bottom teeth, and it’s starting to be problematic. Oh, and disgusting.

Let me count the ways…

First off, the tooth is hanging in her face by a literal thread, and needs to come out. Like yesterday.

Secondly, it’s starting to affect the way she eats. She claims other teeth are starting to hurt, because she’s not chewing properly, moving bits of food to her molars and refusing to chew with her front teeth.

And lastly, she’s obviously not brushing properly, and it shows. The tooth that needs to come out and the surrounding teeth are starting to look gray and dirty. Because they are purposefully being skipped over and ignored during morning and evening brushing sessions.

Last night I reached the end of my rope.  She was refusing to eat her meal because she didn’t want to chew, claiming her mouth hurt.

What did I do?

I completely bribed my daughter with ice cream. Not just a little ice cream, but I told her that if she would just pull the tooth out already, she could scoop herself as much ice cream as she wanted. Not my finest moment in parenting, I’ll admit to that.

Did it work? Nope. Not at all. Instead, she still refused to finish her dinner, and the tooth is still dangling inside her mouth. And she burst into a screaming fit, like a toddler.

Friends, I need help. What’s a mom to do with a daughter who refuses to pull a very ready tooth out?

It’s time.

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9 thoughts on “Pull it Out, Already!

  1. Just Heather says:

    Been there, done that. The thing that finally worked when the oldest went through this was telling her she could pull it herself. We also talked a lot about how that tooth wasn’t really connected to anything that could hurt when it was pulled, but if she lost it and swallowed it, she could choke. And, worse? Not get Tooth Fairy money!

  2. Erin says:

    This is probably not helpful but I was that kid many moons ago–how did the tooth finally come out? One of my brothers hit me in the face with a ball (accidentally I’m sure ;) ). Good luck!! (V is working on cutting her top front teeth too while we’re moving to a new state-I feel your pain in that department!)

  3. laurenjimeson says:

    Ugh. We are going through teething right now with Avery too. She is so much worse than Harlan was. I can’t wait until those bottom two teeth break through!

  4. Kelsey says:

    I remember doing the same thing to my own parents. Finally I fell asleep and it came out in the middle of the night.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I had a nightmare a few days ago that my son pulled out his very similar tooth while in class, and passed out. Imagine my surprise, then, the next morning to get a call from his school nurse informing me that he had indeed pulled out the offending tooth, seen the blood, and passed out in class!

  6. Whit says:

    My grandfather literally tied a string to my tooth and the other end to the front door, then slammed it shut. I recall being too amazed to file charges.

  7. SunnyChanel says:

    We haven’t got to that point yet, but my daughter is really working on trying to loosen up one of her front teeth.

  8. Selena Mae says:

    Oh my. Can I just admit that I have no idea what i would do in this situation, and that Im totally here just to see the sort of advice you get? Because I am sure this will be us a few years from now. Good luck in your quest and the ice cream? No shame in that. None at all.

  9. Kristina says:

    LOL! It seems like such a small thing, but my daughter went through this also. With ALL of her baby teeth so far. She’s just an easily freaked out kid, and thinks its going to hurt. Every time. The first baby tooth was dangling. I asked her very nicely, tried to get her to pull it, bribed her, etc. Nothing worked. So one night, I told her to let me see how wiggly it was, and PLINK! Pulled it right out. She didn’t even notice at first. She was mad. But got over it. Still laugh about it today, and shes almost 12.

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