Quarter of Parents Still Believe in Vaccine Autism Link


vaccineIt’s been disproven a hundred ways from Sunday, but a new survey shows at least a quarter of American parents still believe that vaccines cause autism.

Hello, parents? Reality is out there somewhere.

The “study” that kicked off this misguided notion has been fully retracted by the medical journal that ran it. A host of other studies have shown no link between the life-saving vaccines and autism.

And yet according to a survey of one thousand five hundred fifty two parents, performed by researchers at the University of Michigan, one in four parents still thinks there’s credence to the idea. Whether it’s because they’re having a hard time focusing themselves away from Jenny McCarthy’s celebrity to look at science or they just don’t believe new science trumps old faulty pseudo-science, there is at least one silver lining.

The researchers told the AP that nine out of ten parents gets their kid vaccinated anyway. Not perfect, but significantly better odds at ninety percent over seventy-five.

Throwing numbers of children who die because of non-vax policies hasn’t seemed to sway people. Full retractions of the “study” haven’t swayed people. So what will be the turning point?

Image: alvi2047 via flickr

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