Questioning Birth Control


What are you using for birth control?




I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that question from my doctor at my six week postpartum check-up.

Birth control is something I haven’t thought about for a LONG time.

Considering what might be the best choice for us wasn’t something I had even thought of before those words came out of her mouth. For the past ten months our “birth control” was the fact that I was already pregnant. No need to be concerned about it then. Before that? It was okay if I got pregnant—and did a few times—so we weren’t thinking about birth control then either.

No, we aren’t really considering having another child. So yes, I suppose birth control is something we should be thinking about. But I don’t want to.

It has been over two years since birth control was something we felt we needed to be concerned about.

Two years.

Two years of not having to worry at all about NOT getting pregnant. Two years of knowing that we did not need to worry about birth control one way or the other.

Two glorious years.

So…our method of birth control? Yeah, we haven’t thought about it at all for a good couple of years. Now I’m supposed to come up with a solution?


What about you?