Rambling about Crying, Bed Time and Sleep Habits

Little Bean at 2 months.

I think I may be a bad parent.

I don’t read very many parenting books. I don’t obsess over SIDS. I even let me baby cry sometimes.


I know.. horrible right?

So a quick confession… I didn’t know who Dr. Ferber was until 10 minutes ago. However, from the quick information I found online, I think I share his approach to sleep training. I just don’t call it “training.”

I wrote about our nighttime routine a few weeks ago and we’ve been following it ever since. Little bean routinely goes to bed between 7-9. We like to react to his awake time since he still has no daytime schedule. It’s just too soon.

Most nights he is out in 5-10 minutes with maybe 3-4 visits from us. He still uses the pacifier but has actually fallen asleep without it a couple of times. He also cries.

Yes. Cries.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. Crying is the only way a baby has to communicate. As a parent, it is our job to decipher those cries and figure out what the baby needs.

I’m getting better at this now that Little Bean is 10 weeks.

He definitely has the PLEASE-FEED-ME-NOW-CRY which is normally validated by looking at the clock. He’s spot on 2.5-3 hours now.

He also has the AAACK!-I-HAVE-GAS cry which is validated by a burp, spittle or extremely loud fart.

My least favorite is the I-am-tired fussy cry which is more of a whine and is validated by him yawing and falling asleep as soon he’s comfortable.

At bed time, I do let him cry in the crib in 5 minute intervals before going in a soothing him by rubbing his back, giving him the pacifier and changing his position.

The ONLY reason I take him out of the crib after bed time is to change his diaper or nurse. Other than that I do all soothing without picking him up.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t know but it works for us. It worked with my first who is a stellar sleeper and never, not once, did we have an issue with bed time.

Kid bed times are important to me. Without evenings or my bed to myself I’d go insane.

What time do your kids go to bed and when, if ever, did you start their own routines? Do you ever let them cry it out? What works for you?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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