Reader Submissions! Baby's 1st Halloween Costume, 2nd Edition

There can never be too many pumpkin babies. Never.

How much do I love opening my email to discover ridiculous baby cuteness submitted to me by our awesome readers?

Lots. As much as I dig Halloween. Put the two together and BoOm. We have instant gratification, folks. Last week I put together a slideshow featuring a collection of baby photo’s, from their 1st Halloween. I asked you lovely readers to submit pictures of your own…I knew there were others like me.

Feast your eyes upon these adorable creatures, all decked out in some brilliant attire. The imagination on you mamas never ceases to inspire, entertain and amaze me.

Especially the newborn baby rendition of Bjork’s Swan Princess Dress that erhmm, ruffled so many feathers. After the jump.

  • Bradley 1 of 6
    Son of Breanna, at 6 months!
  • Hunter 2 of 6
    Daughter of Linda Sweeney.
  • Absolutely Presh 3 of 6
    Absolutely Presh
    We've got some pro shots here...nice one Linda!
  • Mary Louisa 4 of 6
    Mary Louisa
    Daughter of Blair Steck, 7 months on Nov. 2!
  • Emily Jane 5 of 6
    Emily Jane
    Daughter of Jessica Sheick.
  • Bjork’s Swan Princess 6 of 6
    Bjork's Swan Princess
    I'm not one to play favourites, but holy heck. The idea for this costume is brilliant, for a 3 week old no less!

Thanks for sending in your photo’s ladies!

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