Real Tears

so sad!

One of the comforting thing about newborns is that when they cry, there are no tears. As soon as you soothe them, there is no evidence of the sad episode. One of the unfortunate byproducts of immature tear ducts is what I believe is technically referred to as “goopy eye”. 

For the first months of Tate’s life is eyes were constantly clouded by the crusty yellow goop. It drove Steve and I crazy. We were endlessly trying to clean it off only to have it reappear with a vengeance during a nap or crying session. 

Then one day, I noticed his right eye seemed completely clear. And just a few days later his left eye was too. And of course the cause of this was that Tate’s tear ducts had finally matured. 

I am so happy that his eyes are goop free, but I feel extra guilty when Tate cries and there are tear streaks left on his sweet little cheeks. 

Did your babies go through the crusty eyed stage? Did you feel guilty when your baby started crying real tears? I would love to hear about your experiences.

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