Recovering from Tate's First Vacation

Tate taking an epic nap today

For the fourth of July weekend, my parents rented a house for a family reunion. I was excited to see my family (all 24 of them) but a bit nervous to take Tate and sleep away from home. At home we have a routine. It’s quiet when I want it to be, and I have some control over how stimulated he gets.

Even packing for just one little baby proved to be a challenge. How many diapers, wipes, bottles, and outfits do we need? How many blankets? Should we bring a jacket? And what on earth is he going to wear for the family picture?

He was passed to every aunt uncle and cousin who had hopes of snuggling with our new babe, and was such a champ. He slept fairly well while we were there, but did not fair so well when we got home.

We got home late after the fireworks show (which he somehow slept through) just in time to have the worst night of sleep since coming home from the hospital. Tate was cranky and restless. No matter what we did he refused to go down for the night. Then when we finally got up for the day, he was inconsolable. I spent the next four hours trying to console him. We were concerned that he might be sick, or have a fever. After ruling out an elevated temperature, I did the only thing I could. I fed him and did my best to lull him to sleep. When he finally drifted off, he slept for more than four hours. He woke up a much happier baby.

We have come to the conclusion that he was exhausted and overstimulated from the weekend. What he seemed to need most was a quiet day at home and a long nap.

I was naive about how hard a disrupted schedule would be on Tate (and us, for that matter). What are your experiences with disrupting your baby’s schedule?