Reflux on the Rise?

Ain’t No One Happy

I haven’t been subtle about the fact that Abigail is demanding. A newborn? Demanding you say? Get out! Well, more demanding than my last – or compared to lots of other babes I know. It’s all comparative anyways, I am sure there are many whom scale higher needs; quite possibly due to medical conditions like colic or reflux. To name a couple.

Abby turned 1 month yesterday. In the last 24 hours since I wrote this we’ve had one heck of a ride. It would appear as though my sweet little girl has reflux. Not sure if it’s a temporary issue due to something in my diet, (elimination diet here I come) or if it’s something more permanent and/or severe.


Her sleep has been all over the boards (and therefore mine) due to gas pains, excessive spitting up and some wheezing. Today seems a bit better than yesterday, but it’s gone up and down like this a couple of times already. I’m going to discuss all of this with our midwife tomorrow and see a pediatrician if need be. She sleeps way better in her little Fisher Price vibe chair, slightly elevated.

With Wyndham, things were so different given that he was being supplemented with formula due to my, (then) low flow. Abby is breastfeeding exclusively, (as in no formula) which is supposed to be the easiest for a newborn to digest. Wyndham had reflux issues – rejecting a number of formulas and having a nasty case, (all day all night) if I ate dark leafy greens. Which I gave up after discovering what didn’t agree with him.

Some of my favourite foods. Supposed to be good for me and my babe. Not so much. I have a feeling it is the same with Abby – I made a stir-fry with swiss-chard, kale and spinach the other day and just like I feared as it was with Wyndham, no way. She was not a fan. Thus began the process of my second tour with an elimination diet. I think we’re safe with lactose and dairy.

At any rate – I am sure my midwife will have all sorts of sage advice and herbal/homeopathic suggestions. Failing that, or if it gets worse, into the pediatrician’s we go. She only just fell ‘asleep’ about 20 min. ago – oh how I hope she gets a good couple of hours. Okay – I hope I can too.

Are any of you other momma’s dealing with reflux? Props to you, for me; the constant crying is like nothing I’d wish upon my best frenemie. The pain their little systems are in? So not fair. Poor things. I’ve heard good things about Colic Calm, (homeopathic gripe water), over the med  Zantac. Any other positive reviews out there? Or other sage words of advice? What about these infant reflux beds?

It can be hard to stay a calm mama when it’s been hours of crying or fussing, I’ll say it. I can’t imagine what it’s like for families suffering with the severe cases of GER or GOR.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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