Rub-a-Dub-Dub: She Makes Bath Time Lots of Fun

Baby bath
Baby faux-hawk

My husband and I absolutely love being parents. And we positively adore our kids.

That being said, we both hate bath time. Our older daughter alternately loves and hates bath time, and I’d venture to guess if we loved it more, she’d love it all the time.

But we just don’t. Probably because it occurs at the end of the day when she’s cranky, we’re tired and, invariably, we get wet. I’m sure we’re missing out on one of life and parenthood’s great joys, although I’m actually sure we’re not.

However, ever since my little Peony was born nearly 6 months ago, I’ve kind of started liking baths again (or for the first time, really). Probably because we don’t bathe her very often (totally a symptom of Second Child Syndrome). And definitely because she’s so freakin’ cute.

Take a look:

Who wouldn’t want to bathe this baby?

Baby bath
Peace out


Images: Meredith Carroll

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