Running Saves My Sanity

Little Guy and I at this Year's Resolution Run - Little Bean is under that bib. ;)

Even though I absolutely love it, being a mom is tough!

I envy my husband. He has the ability to disconnect while the kids are around. He has no problem sleeping in, snuggling with a good book or closing the door to his office and just working.

I can’t do it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I can’t not be involved when the kids are around. It feels like the only way for me to actually get “me time” is to be physically some place else.

Which isn’t always possible, of course, but when I do get a few moments I strap on my sneaks and go for a run.

I’m fairly new to the world of running. I started about 2 years after the birth of my first. I learned back then, working out was a great way to carve out an hour or so to myself.
When I’m running there are no kids, no phone, no email.

It’s just me and my thoughts.

What a luxury!

Now I set running goals and try to get out there at least 3-4 times a week. It’s tough. I have to work around the family’s schedule, sometimes I go early, sometimes late, but I fit it in. I have to, it’s is my time and it’s about the only thing I do for me.

Right now I’m training for a half marathon and it’s keeping me sane. I know that sounds crazy but it’s all I got.

How do you save your sanity as “Mom”?

Side Note: For those curious, click here to see my training goals and history of my running progress.