Sad Baby (VIDEO)


For the first few weeks of her life, we nicknamed Vivi “sad baby.” Her nickname even came with its own tagline. “Sad baby, because sad she is.” It wasn’t so much that she led a miserable existence, in fact she has three people that fight over who gets to love on her and make her smile, it was just…I don’t know. She was just sad. Maybe because her accommodations outside my womb come with a six year old with giant mopsy curls that are ALWAYS. IN. HER. FACE?

But being the forward thinking parent that I am, and knowing that this tiny little phase of sad baby would pass, I did what any parent would do when their baby starts crying, I recorded it. And I’m so glad I did. Video after the jump!

Her tiny little sad baby cries, complete with fat lip and whimpering has already become a thing of the past. But now I can replay it whenever I want.

Addie yodeled when she was a baby and by the time I got my wits about me to record it? Her yodeling days had passed.

What moments have you caught on on a memory card (I’d say film, but it’s 2011.) that you go back and watch over and over?