Safety Tips For When Your Spouse Travels


My husband travels for work on a fairly regular basis. Aside from the basic problems this poses in terms of my missing him and me being left to manage the kids solo, I also have a streak of anxiety a mile wide about being without him at night. I do ok on my own during the day and through dinner time. Sure, it’s a juggling act but it doesn’t terrify me. However, once the kids are asleep and the house is quiet, I’m struck by a crushing sense of responsibility for the safety of all of us – even when I’m asleep in my bed.

The obvious thing would be to get an alarm system and that’s on my list of things to research. I’ve been resistant because of cost but as time goes by and my anxiety continues to keep me so jumpy, it may be worth it just for peace of mind. Another solution would be a dog but no. No, there is already enough poop in my world. I cannot take on another creature to feed and clean up after at this point in my life.

Until I get a security system, however, I’ve come up with a few simple safety tips when I’m the only parent in the house overnight!

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  • Don’t Drink 2 of 8

    I know. If there was ever a day when you need a glass of wine it's when your partner isn't around. But I don't feel comfortable drinking when I'm solo. I don't want to sleep too soundly to hear the kids and I want to be able to drive no matter what.

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  • Keep It Off Social Media 3 of 8
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    While the temptation to seek out support on Facebook or Twitter is strong when I'm home alone, I prefer to keep it to myself. Just asI don't broadcast it when we go out of town and leave the house unattended, I don't let my whole social network know when I'm on my own with the kids.

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  • Let A Trusted Neighbor Know 4 of 8

    While I don't let Twitter know when I'm home alone, I do let a neighbor know so they can keep and eye and ear out for anything unusual.It's nice to have back up nearby if I need it.

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  • Teach Older Kids to Dial 911 5 of 8

    I recently installed a landline specifically so my 5 year old could call 911 if he ever needed to. BOth my phone and my husband's phone are passcode protected and require too many steps to dial and I don't trust a little kid to be able to manage it in a crisis. Instead, I've taught him to use a very basic phone for emergency calls.

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  • Have An Emergency Plan 6 of 8

    I've talked to my son about how to leave the house quickly in an emergency and where to go once he's out. This is actually a common sense plan for any family. I try to review it with my son every once in a while so he doesn't forget.

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  • Switch Up Cars 7 of 8

    My husband usually take his car to the airport when he travels but on the occasions that he doesn't, I try to switch between cars so it's not obvious that one isn't going any place. 

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  • Invite Friends and Family Over 8 of 8

    If my husband is gone more than a few days, I'll invite my parents to visit. If he's just gone for a night or two, I'll plan playdates and have lots of people coming and going to make the house looks as occupied as possible. 

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