Sakura Bloom Styleathon: A Baby Wearing Documentary


I’ve posted here before about my love for baby wearing (here’s a link). Over the last few weeks, Leigh Pennebaker of Marvelous Kiddo (and Babble!) has held a friendly little baby wearing style competition involving a couple of mamas and their babies. I was super lucky to be invited to participate, and as the competition is nearing its end I thought this might be something you’d all be interested in?

All three rounds have been completed (Round 1: Daily Style, Round 2: Adventure, Round 3: Video), and we are just awaiting the results. The winner gets to co-design a line of ring slings with Sakura Bloom. Wouldn’t that be way fun??

After the jump, my three entries, as well as links to the rest of the competitors!

Round One:

Round Two:

Round Three:

And here are links to the rest of the entries from Round One, Two, and Three.

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