See Kai Run Shoes: Half Off!

Cute Kicks for Baby half off!

My daughter lived in See Kai Run shoes the first year of her life. As soon as she started standing and taking steps, I set out to find the perfect little shoes to promote the healthy development of her feet but also looked adorable (What is it with so many baby shoes looking JUST like granny’s orthopedic shoes?)

It took awhile to find something that fit the bill – but eventually I landed on a discount sale for See Kai Run. It’s hard for me to stomach paying $35-$40 for a pair of shoes that they are sure to grow out of really (like lightening almost) fast, so I get all giddy-excited when they have a big end of season sale.

Check out these sweet deals on the See Kai Run website. Lots of shoes for infants and toddlers marked at half price! I’ve got my eye on the cutest pair of little soft soled trainers for Arlo!


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