She BIT Me!

Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

She is adorable … everything about her! The smiles, the glares, the way she rubs her eyes when she is tired, and rubs my face when she nurses …

Then it happens, like a shark sniffing out human in the water … cue the Jaws theme… dun dun … dun dun … dun dun …


She got me GOOD the other night. It was about 3am and she got up for one of her newfound routine night nursing sessions. I brought her into bed with me to feed, and of course when she finished I would bring her back into her room and lay her down in her crib.

But before we could even get to that part, I was watching Storage Wars, or some other A&E late night show, and she fell asleep, and chomped right down on my nipple.

It was the first time I have ever had any of my children actually bite while nursing, and it had to be the most painful thing I have ever felt. Seriously …

Doesn’t compare to the kidney stones, or the three c-sections. Nope! Not even close!

I didn’t even know what to do … but thankfully it hasn’t happened again since this time. And honestly I am ready to nurse till whenever she weans all on her own, but I don’t know if I can really stay on board if this biting thing continues, or becomes some kind of a habit for Addie.

So for all those moms out there who have nursed little ones through growing teeth, how did you avoid biting, or even break a biting habit?

I need your advice!

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