She Sits! She Scores!


I know. I am SUCH a dork. (re: title).

Obviously it’s just us parents who revel over relatively every-day occurrences. Like sitting. We all sit. Big whoop. But that first time?

The very first moment your baby begins to sit up on their own and looks at you with proud glee?

Wherein they can flail their arms about and not topple over? Grab their toys and fling them around with exalted joy? What about it?

I shall exclaim. I shall clap. I shall shout it out. Because, seemingly, that’s how us mammas and pappas (and g-rents of), roll. And really, it’s not all that mundane after all. It’s wonderful.

My sweet Abby, you keep on keepin’ on girl – you with your sitting and your eating and your growing and your smiling and your laughing. Just don’t start crawling yet. Because I have no idea where those freakin’ baby gates are. None.

P.S. Those stacking cups and are made by Green Toys. And they are awesome. Loved by Abby and her bro. Thanks Auntie Sarah!

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