She Won't Take a Bottle!

Goodbye old friend

Pumping… pumping… pumping so I can get out of the house every once and a while. For work, fun, friends, or just a night out with my husband.

I got used to it since we are still going strong breastfeeding in our house. And then this past week Addison decided she is no longer interested in bottles at all.

She absolutely refuses to take a bottle at all, not from me, not from a babysitter, not from her father… nothing!

Heck when I went to get my haircut earlier in the week my sitter even tried to hold her like she was breastfeeding her and give her the bottle… and she just cried.

And for me… I am at a loss!  This sucks!
What the heck am I going to do now?

I need some help, Moms!
I know there are some of you who have gone through this before, and I am desperate because there are just some times I need to get away, and she won’t take a bottle!

So what did you do in this situation?  Out of three children, I have yet had a child refuse a bottle so I have no idea what to do from here!

Do you have a sippy cup recommendation maybe?  Something shat she can handle at 6 months old?




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