She's A Drooler

"Drool" should be her middle name.

I mentioned last month that I thought Avery was teething already (yes, at two months.) The doctor confirmed it at her two month visit, but said that she didn’t think the teeth were going to pop up right away.

Although we haven’t had any teeth yet (thank goodness,) her teething stymptoms have grown drastically. I thought she was drooling a lot last month, but now she is soaking the entire front of her shirt in a matter of hours. I recently put in an  order for some cute bibs because they are now going to become a staple in her wardrobe. I don’t know how long that will last, though, because she’s even soaking through them. Within the past week, we’ve had to make outfit changes in the middle of the day because her clothes have been so wet. The drool doesn’t stop on her outfit, it gets on mine too. All over my arm when I’m holding her and even on my leg. My husband is kind of grossed out by it, but me? Ehhh, it’s nothing (does anything gross us moms out these days?)

My other daughter was never a drooler. The only time she wore a bib was when she started solids and we wanted to protect her clothes from getting dirty.

It’s always so amazing to me how many “new” things I can experience as a second time mom. Even though I have two little girls, they are already proving to be so different from one another, drool and all!

Other than a bib, do you have any tips on how to help with the excessive drool?

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