She's Here! We Welcomed Baby Home


She took her time, finally arriving 2 weeks after her due date. She is my daughter, River Promise who was born at home in the water on October 5th at 6:30pm!

Recovery has been so much slower this time, friends. River is my 5th birth, and really – my body is feeling like an 80 year old’s right now. No offense to 80 year old people, but I’m thinking you don’t move much and you maybe hurt everywhere and you can’t sleep well and you have bathroom issues. Cough.

I think it’s a combo of being in my 30’s and her birth itself – River, ahem, blazed a trail rather quickly. We are also having some hard days, as the wee girl seems to be fixin to be a colicky baby {God help me} . With three other rowdy and special needs boys at home, we are all a bit of a circus right now as everyone falls into their new identities and new rhythms.

All of this just explains my rather slow, tip toe return to writing and sharing and blogging and all the rest. I’m finally feeling my brain return, my body return and some of my sanity (only a spec, but it’s a start…). But all of it and I mean ALL OF IT is also wrapped in beauty, like a film that you can’t quite see, but you can feel. It’s there, the magic and the love and the absolute AWE that I have a daughter here next to me. She is giggling in her sleep right now just picturing me figuring out how to be a mama to a girl.

I’ll be sharing River’s birth story soon, and can’t wait to share her journey with you here at Baby’s First Year blog!