She's Laughing! (Video)


I always worried that “firsts” with Avery wouldn’t mean as much as they did with Harlan. After all, I had seen them already, so I wasn’t sure if I would get excited in the same way that I did with my first.

As Avery gets older and starts to have many more “firsts” I am just as overjoyed, if not more, to be able to experience them with her.

A little over a month ago, when Avery was two and a half months, I was playing with her and she was smiling and talking to me. I must have done something that she thought was funny because she let out a little chuckle. A full on laugh. I was so surprised to hear it from her because I wasn’t expecting her to laugh at that age. I ran into the other room to get the camera and tried to get it on camera. I mimicked what I had done before to get her to laugh and this time she had nothing for me. She smiled, but no laugh. I tried, with the camera rolling, for another 10 minutes before I just gave up. She never did it again.

Until yesterday. I was changing her diaper and talking to her and all of the sudden she let out a huge chuckle. Learning from the past, I tried it again before getting the camera and she laughed again. To make sure I didn’t miss the special moment, I ran to get the camera. This time it was a success, because I caught it all on camera!

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