Should I Encourage My Baby to Have a ‘Lovie?

Purple Lovie Bear
Hazel’s unloved lovie

I was just looking through this cute slideshow of “lovies,” and realized I’d never even heard this term (described as “those special soft blankets or stuffed animals that children can grow so attached to”) before giving birth. Which is funny, since I definitely had my own lovie when I was a toddler—a pink satin baby blanket that I rubbed whenever I sucked my thumb. But I have to admit that when Mike and I first received one of those blankies with the heads attached, I opened it and said, “Aww!” then turned to the person who gave it to us and said, “but what exactly is it?”

And she looked sheepish then said, “I have no idea, but I thought it was cute.” Which it totally is—and now I know what to call it. Hazel’s lovie.

The problem is, Hazel, six months old, has not yet paid any attention to it yet—or to any stuffed animals or baby blankets. She goes for the rattles, squeaky things and the teething toys (just like a dog). Should I try to get her to embrace a baby blanket for comfort and to help her fall asleep? Or will giving her a “lovie” turn her into a thumbsucker like me? Let me know what you think.

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