Should I Introduce Solids One At A Time?

Feed me! Feed me!

Baby G is now officially six months old, and for the past few weeks, she’s definitely been showing a lot of interest in actual, human food. When one of her parents or older siblings is eating, you can see her bright blue eyes following every morsel from plate to mouth. She’s clearly intrigued.

Even though she can’t yet sit up all on her own (we’re close, though), last week I decided to see if she would be interested in sampling some baby food while sitting in her exersaucer. I decided to start with sweet potatoes, since they have been a favorite of my other kids.  Her response was mostly one of confusion. She definitely liked the taste, but she also still has some tongue thrust action going on; she couldn’t quite get the hang of actually swallowing the two or three demitasse spoons full of pureed, bright orange potatoes that I offered her. Then, in the overnight hours, she was exceptionally gassy and uncomfortable all night long. I had to wonder if it was the baby food.

Two or three days later, I tried again, this time with some mashed up bananas. Again, she was interested but not completely up to speed on the whole swallowing concept. But she managed to nibble a little bit. And that night, the same thing happened. She was gassy and bloated and fussy all night.

Jon and his mom have given her a little rice cereal this week when I’ve been at work. They say she likes it (it looks like tasteless chewed up paper to me) and it doesn’t seem to have upset her tummy.  So maybe we’ll stick with a bite of rice cereal here and there for another month and then try offering her something tastier again.

I have never followed the expert advice to offer solids one at a time, a week at a time in the beginning to ferret out food allergies, but I am wondering whether I should proceed more cautiously with G since she clearly has a sensitive tummy. After all, she’s still only able to drink the super-expensive Alimentum formula – the few times we’ve tried mixing any other formula with it to try to wean her off the solid gold stuff, she’s immediately developed colicky symptoms.  Maybe I should introduce solids more carefully and slowly with her.

How about you? Did you introduce solids one at a time and slowly or just jump right in to offering your new eater a variety of tastes? Did you find that your baby had any food sensitivities or allergies? Tell me about your experience starting solids in the comments below.

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