Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say - Judgy or Awesome? [VIDEO]


Another installment in the “sh*t ____ say” meme popped up today on YouTube (created by Genevieve of Mama Natural), and I couldn’t help but howl in laughter while watching it (several times now). I am, apparently, a crunchy mama.

I can see how people that make the choices I make could possibly come across as SERIOUSLY annoying if their opinions are “shared” in the wrong way. This video pokes some much needed fun at moms in my world who are a little “much” sometimes!

I like to think these videos infuse fun and laughter into our lives — we could all stand to take ourselves a bit less seriously, right?

Watch the video below – what do you think? Too judgy or totally hilarious?

created by Genevieve of Mama Natural