Sh*t People Say to Breastfeeding Mothers

Did they really say that?

If you haven’t noticed in the past couple weeks, but there is a growing trend of sh*t people say videos going viral around the internet.

From sh*t mommy bloggers say to sh*t New Yorkers say… and they are all downright hysterical.

Then this morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this one. Sh*t People Say to Breastfeeding Mothers which caught my eye.

I actually sat down and watched the video itself, and while it isn’t the best quality with a lot of background noise the sayings, and temperament of the video as a whole is not only hysterical but it is also dead on.

I can honestly say someone has made almost all of these statements to me just in the past almost nine months I have been breastfeeding Addie… not including the short time I breastfed my older kids.

Maybe it will make some of the serial commenters who actually say this kind of sh*t think twice before they open their mouth with their asshole breastfeeding comments?

Enjoy the video, and leave some comments you have gotten below!

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